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Big Sky Convection

Stormchaser and blogger Dann Cianca's passion has led him on to the plains where he can be in the presence of very powerful storms. His blog shares his experiences and discussions of meteorology in general.

Carlson Chasers Blog

Follow along with Storm Chasers Verne, Michael and Eric Carlson as they travel tornado alley in search of the world's strongest storms. Their site is updated in real-time by cell phone in the field. During chase season you can 'ride along' by seeing what they see -- sometimes within 30 seconds of it actually happening!

Chase 1

Chase 1 provides dynamically updated storm maps, chasing guides, a blog and an archive/articles about past tornado chases. The site also offers a catalog of tornado related products, including T-shirts, Videos and breathtaking photos.

Cyclone Road

Amos Magliocco has always been awed by the power and beauty of severe storms. Next to writing fiction, tornado chasing is an essential part of his life. His blog is linked to a main site that offers breathtaking pictures, sample storm gear and links to other tornado sites.

Finger on the Weather

This blog is maintained by Stan Finger of The Wichita Eagle in Kansas. While it runs the gamut of weather conditions, the section on tornados, given the paper's location, is well stocked with posts and commentary.

Iowa Chaser

This weather Blog features weather, storm chasing and photography by Jayson Prentice, a storm chaser based in Iowa.

Jon Davies Severe Weather Notes

Davies is a meteorologist with 25 years experience in weather and continues to be fascinated with the challenges of forecasting tornadoes and severe weather. He supplements his knowledge with occasional storm chasing.


This is the official chase blog of Mike Scantlin and the KGB Storm Team, who travel 15,000+ miles a year chasing twisters.

Steve Hamilton's Storm Chasing Blog

Part of ABC affiliate Channel 7's "Storm Team" in Denver, CO., Steve Hamilton has been chasing on the Colorado High Plains for many years and enjoys watching the wild weather of Colorado! When Steve isn't chasing, he is working as a weather producer in the 24/7 Weather Center.

Supercell Crazy

This is the blog of storm chasers Michael and John O'Keeffe, who travel from Canada to Mexico in search of tornadoes and other severe weather. In a relatively short career as chasers, they have seen many tornadoes with intercepts from South Dakota to Arkansas and everywhere in between.

The Great Sky of the North

Pretty simple theme: Regular guy from a smaller town in central Minnesota with a huge passion for the weather...and a "strongly opinionated big mouth sometimes!"

Tony Laubach's Storm Chasing Blog

Part of ABC affiliate Channel 7 in Denver, Tony's weather interest has been a life-long passion. Tony officially began chasing in 2000 and hasn't stopped since. He logs thousands of miles each year in pursuit of "the worst Nature can bring."

Tornados Kick Storm Chasing

Maintained by storm chaser Tony Laubach, this site is worth a visit! Tony boasts a comprehensive blog of his adventures with photos, news and chase logs.


Maintained by storm chaser and tornado researcher Tim Samaras, the primary focus of the TWISTEX (Tactical Weather Instrumented Sampling in/near Tornadoes/Thunderstorms Experiment) is to collect in-site data from tornado cores. Several hardened instruments are deployed in paths of tornadoes to collect the following datasets: Tornadoes (Primary objective); Hail (Secondary objective) and Lightning (Third objective).

Warren Faidley's Storm Chaser Blog

Unlike the majority of storm chasers, who are part-timers chasing a few storms a year, Warren Faidley is the real deal. He chases year round as a full-time storm chasing journalist and extreme weather adventurer. You have likely seen Warren on TV reporting for Fox News and CNN. He is a best selling author, movie consultant, award winning photographer, cinematographer, corporate spokesperson, storm chasing celebrity and one of the nationís top severe weather survival experts.