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Tornado Chasing Tours

A TornadoSquad Chasing Tour Pricing Chart

How much does it cost to go on a tornado chasing tour? Well, we've put together the Net's only pricing chart for tornado chasing tour companies. Be sure to visit each of the company Web sites, which we've linked in the chart, for the latest pricing and tour information.

Cloud 9 Tours

Cloud 9 Tours is the oldest storm chase tour in operation today. The company offers two week storm chase vacations in the prime of storm season.

Extreme Tornado Tours

Extreme Tornado Tours offers the most exciting storm chasing experience in the world. Operated by world-renown storm chasers and degreed research meteorologists, a tornado chasing vacation with Extreme Tornado Tours is an exhilarating, life-changing experience. Their success rate over the last decade is unparalleled, with over 350 tornadoes intercepted since 1998.

F5 Tornado Chasing Tours

F5! Tornado Chasing Safaris brings you right to the doorstep of the most severe weather in the world. F5! offers the most luxurious and personal adventure tours in the country. Clients enjoy riding in a comfy Suburban with no more than three other clients. Geoff Mackley, a world-famous adventure film maker also travels with our tours.

Silver Lining Tours

Since 1997, Silver Lining Tours has been owned and operated by two of the world's most respected storm chasers, Dr. David Gold and Roger Hill. The site offers a complete tour package which includes: arrival day lodging, lodging on each of the tour days, tour t-shirts, and a professionally edited highlights DVD. The only items excluded are airfare and/or other expenses that you incur in traveling to and from the meeting city, daily meals and incidentals (e.g., souvenirs).

Storm Chasing Adventure Tours

Billed as "the world's the premiere top rated storm chasing tour company, and featured on National Geographic Television & Film, CBS 48 Hours, NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, The Discovery Channel, BBC World TV, CNN News, The Weather Channel, FOX NEWS, the Travel Channel and many other media outlets around the world. The company has been offering storm chasing tours for over 10-years.

Tempest Tours

The Tempest Tours team of veteran storm chasers have a combined 100 years experience chasing storms. Tours in May and June coincide with peak tornado activity in Tornado Alley. Guests travel to a base cities where they join the team for a tour. Tours are typically comprised of 6-13 guests. Guests ride in roomy, smoke-free vans, with a limit of 5-6 guests per van for comfort. Each tour is led by a Tour Director and a staff of experienced storm chasers.

Thunderbolt Tours

Thunderbolt Tours provides an unprecedented opportunity to chase severe storms and tornadoes on the Great Plains.

Tradd Storm Chasing Tours

Tornado Research and Defense Development (TRADD) was founded in Abilene, TX. Founded in 1995, TRADD started offering storm chasing tours to the general public in order to help teach tornado and severe storm safety and to show the power of a tornado up close and personal. Each year since, TRADD has been the leader in the industry by offering comfortable, affordable, and convenient storm chase tours in tornado alley. The company has been featured on NBC, CBS, and the BBC television programs.

Violent Skies

Violent Skies Tours is more than just your ordinary storm chasing tour company, it's the home of one of the best storm chasing team in the world. The team of storm chasers and professional meteorologist will get you into the best locations for viewing severe storms and tornadoes safely.

Warren Faidley's Tornado Tours

For the first time ever renown storm adventurer, storm chasing celebrity and extreme weather journalist Warren Faidley is offering a rare opportunity to chase storms and tornadoes with him -- during the height of the tornado season! You will not simply be a tourist, but a working volunteer tornado chaser. From the morning briefing to the excitement of the storm chase -- you will (if you want - not required) work the radios, check the maps and learn first hand what's it is like to be a part of, not simply a tornado tour passenger in the adventurous world of storm chasing and tornado chasing.

Weather Gods

Intimate tours with only 8 to a van. A degreed meteorologist with decades of tornado chasing experience and schooling, rides along on each tour to ensure maximum viewing potential and safety. The company boasts a 100% success rate in putting its clients in front of the world's most dramatic tornados.

Windswept Chase Tours

Windswept Chase Tours is owned and operated by Dean Cosgrove, one of only a handful of full-time, professional storm chasers in the world. He has been chasing and photographing severe storms since he was a teen growing up in Tornado Alley and has seen and photographed storms during every month of the year. His tornado video footage has also been seen on The Weather Channel, CNN, The Discovery Channel and other media outlets.

Your Storm Chase Guide

Storm Chase Guide tours are designed to be more accommodating and personal by keeping tour groups small, generally 5 people max. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions and learn about storms. The small tour size also allows you to cover more ground compared to larger tours.