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Resources from Tornado


Tornado Screensavers & Wallpapers

Free Weather Wallpaper

This site features two wallpapers, both created using digital photo software. Although these are not real tornados, the photos are pretty cool.

Lightning & Tornado

This has to be the greatest tornado photo ever taken! You've probably seen it around the Net; it's a photo of a huge tornado lit up by an incredible lighting bolt.

Nexus Media Tornado Screensaver

Tornado Screensaver provides a close-up look at the most powerful storm system known to man. Rotate 42 different photo views of a few of these towers of destruction. Also included are a few from the old days such as well as the first known photograph of a tornado. Price: $4.99

Tornado Road

This wallpaper defines why they call it a twister!

Tornado Screensaver 1.0

Pretty basic screen saver with transitions to some very cool tornados.

Tornado Storm Chaser 3D Screensaver

Extremely cool screensaver! In torrential rain, a tornado funnel swirls towards an abandoned farmhouse as debris flies through the air. Does not work with Vista. Free trial available. Price: $11.00

Tornado Wallpaper: Tornado in Manitoba

Wallpaper for your computer showing a tightly wound tornado funnel as it twists through open prairie in Manitoba, Canada.