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Worst Tornadoes

1999 Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak (Wikipedia)

The 1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak t lasted from May 3 until May 6, 1999 and brought violent storms to Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Tennessee. This article concentrates on the events on May 3 when 66 tornadoes broke out in Oklahoma and Kansas.

2003 Killer Tornadoes

This page list the killer tornadoes during 2003.

2003 Tornado Fatality Information

Funnel clouds and tornado chasers my be fun to watch, but let's not forget that tornados destroy the lives of thousands each year. This site gathers together tornado fatalities for 2003, one of the most killer seasons on record..

2003 Tornado Outbreak (Wikipedia)

The May 2003 Tornado Outbreak Sequence in the United States was a series of tornado outbreaks that occurred from May 3 to May 11, 2003.

2008 Super Tuesday Nashville Tornado

The 2008 Super Tuesday tornado outbreak was a deadly tornado outbreak which affected the Southern United States and the lower Ohio Valley on February 5 and 6, 2008. This video shows the devastating tornado that descended upon the Nashville metropolitan area.

2008 Tornado Season

By June 2008, the American Red Cross claims that meteorologists view 2008 as the deadliest tornado season since 1998.

Live Science: Top 10 Killer Tornadoes

This is a textual slideshow of the Top 10 tornados of all time. Walks users through tornado statistics, including Fujita Scale ratings, damage to cities and reported deaths from some of the worst twisters to touch down in America. Site also offers reader feedback and the ability to post tornado commentary.

Memories of the Oak Lawn, Illinois Tornado

In 1967, the Oak Lawn tornado killed 33 people, injured over 1,000 and caused $50 million ($285 million in today’s dollars) worth of damage.

The Forgotten F5: Middle Tennessee Tornado Outbreak of April 16, 1998

On April 16, 1998 a tornado outbreak struck middle Tennessee. More than 20 supercells were identified on radar, and 10 confirmed tornadoes struck the area. Nashville itself was struck by three tornadoes (one rated F3 and two rated F2) which overshadowed the most violent and dangerous tornado of the event, an F5 in Lawrence County. The rarity of an F5 itself is noteworthy, especially considering that this may be the only F5 tornado to occur in the history of Tennessee.

Tornado Super Outbreak: April 3, 1974

It was a fateful day in 1974 when multiple tornados hit several cities across the Midwest. The site's authors dedicate the site to the 315 people who lost their lives in this storm and to the over 5,000 people who were injured. They have also assembled of wealth of information about what happened on April 3 with photos, You Tube Videos and a deep index of resources about that fateful day.

Worst Tornados: 1896-Present

Round up of the worst tornados since 1896 to the present.