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Tornado Games

Storm Chasers

From the popular Discovery Channel Show "Storm Chasers" this game puts you in the front seat of your choice of vehicles to chase tornados on the screen across dusty country roads, cornfields and interstate highways.

Tornado Button Smashing

Get your tornado as big as you can and smash everything in sight, from trees to houses! Who hasn't ever wanted to be a tornado?

Tornado Games

This is a really great site for tornado enthusiasts. According to the site, " You are a tornado and your job is to destroy as much stuff as you can! Keep pressing the Enter key to make your power go up. Use the arrow keys to move around and destroy stuff."

Tornado Jockey

Login and download this exciting game from WildTangent ORB and you're on the hunt! The perfect storm is on the loose ... harness it's energy while picking up objects in its path. As a Tornado Jockey, your storm gains force and life by eating mini-tornados and obtaining power-ups. Target different objects like vehicles, baseball stadiums and drug stores. Steer your storm away from forces like 'Ray Gun Trucks' and 'Radar Bombers' that aim to kill your tornado. You're at the helm of mother nature's energy, so pick your path and cause a little havoc in Tornado Alley.

Tornado Tear-Up

The goal of the game is to plant crops while avoiding tornadoes and lightning storms. Press the arrow keys to cruise around the borders in the tractor. Press and hold the Shift key while pressing the arrow keys to dig an irrigation ditch. When you get 75% of the area filled you will proceed to the next level. On level 5 there will be two tornadoes. Things that you need to avoid are: a tornado touching you or touching the ditch you are currently digging, the water catching up to you as you dig the ditch, and the lightning storms catching you.